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SOLIDA CAPITAL ANNOUNCES THE ACQUISITION of Grójecka 5 Office Building in Warsaw CBD at the end of 1st Quarter 2024


Acquisition and Transformation of G5 Office Building

Solida Capital Europe, is thrilled to announce the strategic acquisition of Grójecka 5 office building, spanning approximately 11,500 gross leasable area. This acquisition represents a pivotal opportunity to upgrade the future of commercial real estate by integrating cutting-edge property technology, prioritizing sustainability, and embracing rigorous Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards.


Introducing G5 Prime Offices

In conjunction with the acquisition, Solida Capital Europe is proud to unveil the new name for the office building: G5 Prime Offices.

This name reflects our vision for transformation, symbolizing innovation, simplicity, and a commitment to excellence without changing the origins. As we embark on this journey of revitalization, G5 Prime Offices aims to become an example to follow opening the path of repositioning existing office stock into fresh and vibrant properties. G5 Prime Offices is set to be a beacon of sustainability, efficiency, and modernity in the heart of Warsaw.

“I’m excited to embark on this refurbishment project! Stay tuned as we transform this office building into a modern, dynamic space that will exceed expectations. At Solida we are committed to keep innovating on new projects that can create more value for all stakeholders and essentially expand the office offer in a key location of the city! Therefore, I’m thrilled to announce our exclusive partnership with CBRE that will be responsible for leasing the retail and office space. Together, we are sure to have the right team to make this project a success and a reference for others”, says Joao Saracho, Managing Director of Solida Capital Europe.


A Vision for Transformation

Solida Capital Europe recognizes the immense potential of this property to serve as a beacon of innovation and sustainability within the community. Leveraging our expertise in real estate investment and development, we are poised to undertake a comprehensive refurbishment of the building, revitalizing its infrastructure and enhancing its functionality to meet the evolving needs of tenants and stakeholders.


Commitment to Sustainability and ESG Compliance

At the core of our strategy is a steadfast commitment to sustainability and ESG compliance. The refurbished office building will be equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and systems designed to minimize environmental impact, optimize energy efficiency, and promote occupant well-being. From energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems to advanced waste management solutions and AI technology to manage the power efficiency in the property, every aspect of the building’s design and operation will prioritize sustainability and environmental stewardship.


Exclusive Commercialization Partnership with CBRE

To maximize the potential of this transformative project, Solida Capital Europe has entered into an exclusive partnership with CBRE, the world’s leading commercial real estate services and investment firm. With their extensive network, industry expertise, and unparalleled market insights, CBRE will spearhead the commercialization efforts for the refurbished office building, ensuring optimal tenant alignment and long-term value creation.


Empowering the Future of Work

The refurbished office building will serve as a dynamic and collaborative workspace, equipped with innovative amenities and flexible configurations to accommodate diverse tenant requirements. With modern facilities and smart technology integration, the building will empower organizations to thrive in an increasingly competitive and dynamic business landscape.


Join Us in Shaping the Future

Solida Capital Europe invites tenants, investors, and stakeholders to join us on this transformative journey towards a more sustainable, innovative, and inclusive future. Together, we can redefine the standards of excellence in commercial real estate and create lasting value for generations to come.


About Solida Capital

Solida Capital Europe is a real estate investment firm with own development team dedicated to driving positive change through sustainable development and innovation. With a focus on ESG principles and cutting-edge technology, we strive to create vibrant, resilient, and future-ready communities that enhance quality of life and promote environmental stewardship.

Sincere gratitude to all parties involved in the successful acquisition of the office building, starting from the great collaboration and coordination with Cromwell European REIT the previous owner of the building; On the Buy side Allen & Overy acted as legal advisor, TPA acted as tax advisor, CBRE covered the commercial and technical expertise. Warm thank you to all advisors and parties involved for the dedication and involvement that have been instrumental in making this transaction a success.